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Picture Perfect - Tips for Choosing the Best Location for Your Photo Session

March 14, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Capturing the perfect photograph is an art form that requires a keen eye for detail, perfect timing, and a beautiful location that complements your personal style. However, with so many options out there, finding the perfect location for your photo session can be a daunting task. That's where I come in - let me guide you through the process of selecting the perfect location that is just right for you!

First and foremost, when choosing a location, it's important to consider the variety of options available for different poses. A picturesque park or a charming farm, for example, can provide multiple backdrops that are perfect for your photo session. Not only that, these locations also offer ample opportunities for candid shots, capturing the natural beauty of your family as they run and play in the great outdoors. For parents, this natural feel can be especially helpful in getting your children to feel at ease during the session, resulting in stunning photos that truly reflect your family's unique dynamic.

Of course, lighting is another critical factor that can make or break your photos. While photographers can work around different lighting scenarios using settings and flashes, selecting the best time of day for your location can truly take your photos to the next level. Whether it's avoiding too much sun that leaves everyone squinting, or ensuring your skin is well-lit against a dark background, understanding the lighting situation ahead of time is essential. Most photographers are happy to visit the location ahead of time to assess the lighting situation and ensure your photos are as beautiful as possible.

Finally, your photos should reflect your personal style, decor, and the home where they will be displayed. A farm or nature park can be the perfect fit for those with a country aesthetic, while a rural park or city scene may be more suited for those with a modern style. For a unique and edgy look, alleys can offer a visually striking backdrop that is sure to make a statement.

At the end of the day, the key to selecting the perfect location for your photo session is to find a place that resonates with you and your unique style. With my expert guidance, we can work together to ensure that your photos are a true reflection of your family's beauty, captured in a setting that is just right.

Reach out today to get started in planning your perfect photo session!


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My Top Tricks to get the Family on Board

February 27, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

I totally get it...one of the reasons you may put off booking a family photo session is that it's stressful. There is a lot to do to prepare for a photo session including:

  •  choosing outfits for the whole family (we know mom does this!)
  •  booking a time of day that works for everyone's schedule - work around sports, spouse's work, nap time, meals...
  •  spouses and kids may look at is as a chore or they'd rather be doing something else
  •  will everyone cooperate and look natural?

Don't put off making those family memories and creating artwork that you will treasure for years to come. If you value photography, taking the time to have photos taken should be stress free. Let me help you make this experience a joyful one and not a task. 

1. Start in your own closets. In my opinion, there's no need to go out and spend tons of money on new outfits. Give everyone in the family a color scheme to start with and go from there. Mom may need to help the little ones, but older children and spouses should be able to come up with a few choices. I prefer a color theme that blends well rather than being super matchy-matchy. Don't wait until the morning of the session to prepare outfits. At least the day before, make sure everything is out, clean, wrinkle-free and ready to go (including accessories and shoes). 

2. Find a photographer with flexibility and you are sure to find someone to work around your family's schedule. For children, after a meal and not too close to nap time is best. Book well in advance to be sure you don't have any conflicts. Or if last minute works best for your family, photographers love getting a last minute opportunity to hop on a session. 

3.  Sometimes bribery works here.  I have had clients bring snacks or candy to encourage children and babies during their session. If you choose to do this please bring clean, light colored snacks. AKA no chocolate :)  Another idea is to plan something fun to do as a family afterwards and keep reminding them about it during the session. For example, "A few more poses and we get to go out for ice cream together." A few ideas include, out to eat, a movie, a park, a playground, a hike, shopping. If they have a fun activity to look forward to afterwards it will encourage them to cooperate and move the session along swiftly.

4.  I have had some sessions where maybe not everyone is cooperating, but guess what? We still make it work! If there is a cranky toddler, a crying baby, or a dog who won't sit still...don't fret! I'm very understanding and patient. All it takes is a few really great shots to get some quality images for your prints, cards, or however you plan to use them. Often times a session that feels like it isn't going smoothly, ends up with some wonderful photos. Let the photographer worry about catching moments and getting everyone posed and set up. Also, sometimes candids end up being the favorites. 

Don't let fear keep you from creating wonderful memories for your family. Go ahead and book the session and update your family photos. You won't regret it!

Book your on location photography session today!

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Go ahead and book that winter photo session!

January 23, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Normally, my clients mainly book sessions during the popular seasons of Spring and Fall. Understandably so. The lighting is great, the weather is perfect, everything is blooming and lush. However, if you need updated photos, you don't need to wait. Winter can be a great time to book a photo session!

A wonderful spot to do a session during the winter is in your own home. There is plenty of seating to work with and we can look around and find the perfect locations. We can use your front porch/doorway, living room, fireplace etc.  

Outdoor sessions still work in the winter too! We can take outdoor photos in a spot that doesn't reveal the season. Another option is an outdoor session in a city location. I shoot lots of sessions in Uptown Greenville and Downtown Winterville. We can make use of brick walls, murals, alleyways, benches, doorways, and more. The weather doesn't typically get extremely cold, so even if it's a little chilly, we can make it work. If it's a brisk day you can bring a coat or blanket with you and use it in between poses.

I also like wardrobe choices during the winter. You can have a lot of fun with dark colors, different textures, and accessories. I can help if you need ideas for this as well! 

So don't wait, contact me today to book your Winter Session! 

Call or text: 508-269-6434

email me: [email protected]

Here are a few examples of some great winter time sessions!

Shop Local, Shop Small 2022

November 15, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

All year long I enjoy eating and shopping locally and supporting small on line businesses. I especially like to shop small during the holiday season.  In addition to supporting them, you can find better quality and unique items. Win-win!  I've put together a list of some of my favorite small businesses. Shop in person or on line! Whether you need gifts, stocking stuffers, or home and fashion items for yourself and your family to dress up this holiday season, shopping small is the way to go!

The Painted Peacock -Paint your own pottery, board, or do clay impressions. Retail items are also available.

Flower and Folk - The greatest smelling soaps and candles!

Jennifer Lima Photography - New England friends - Get your holiday and family photos done here! Jen does weddings too.

Loop by Loop Studio - Rug hooking gifts and kits available!

Local Oak Brewing Co. - Stop in for a post shopping beer or purchase gifts. They have beer to go, gift cards, and apparel. You can order on line too!

Peachie Dolls Clothing - On line consignment shop. It's a great spot to pick some holiday wear for your little ones.

Crunchi - Clean beauty skincare and make-up. I love this stuff! Carrie is very helpful if you need help or suggestions.

1910 House - Traveling to New England this holiday season? Gorgeous suite in Warren, RI.

Amy Lima Photos - Of course you can shop with yours truly! Book your 2022/2023 photo session today. I also have prints and gift certificates available. 

Chrome Photo Co - For  business owners, Lia is your girl for product and marketing photography.

The Farmer's Daughter - Unique clothing, jewelry, and gifts. Freshen up your holiday wardrobe or shop for gifts. Located in Greenville, you can shop on line too!

Steko Strength - Personal training with one-on-one or small group options. They have virtual training too!

Spartan Pro Wash - Need a clean exterior for the holidays or new year? Chad is your man!

Oh Happy Day Balloon Decor - Having a party? Kelli makes THE best balloon decor!

Let me know some of your favorite small and local businesses!


Newborn Sessions

November 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I used to love doing newborn sessions in client's homes and I also took newborn photos at our local hospital. I've always enjoyed documenting this very special time in a family's life. Once Covid came around, booking these sessions slowed down drastically and the hospital photos came to an end (understandably).  I'm ready to get back to booking newborn sessions!

I mainly do newborn sessions in the family's home. Everyone is comfortable and no travel is necessary. It's also a lot easier to take feeding breaks or do outfit changes in your own home. The nursery is a great place to take some of the photos to capture that special time. Although the new baby is the star of the show, I also include mom & dad and siblings if possible. I've even done some with pets too!  

If you're expecting or know a mom to be, reach out to book your session or purchase a gift certificate.  


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