Thanksgiving Recipe Traditions

November 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Does your family have a dish they cannot live without for Thanksgiving?  For me there are two dishes I look forward to most every Thanksgiving.  Clean eating is out the window and I'm indulging in these all time faves. 

It is a tradition in my family to do the food prep the Wednesday before Thanksgiving day. I LOVE this day.  I always had the day off from school as a student and as a teacher and over the last few years I've been lucky enough to carry on the tradition. This has taken place at a few different places. For years, as long as I can remember, my parents hosted Thanksgiving. So helping them with preparations was something we always did and my extended family would come over and join in, we made a whole day and evening out of it.  Later on my aunt and uncle hosted so we just moved the prep party over to their house! And now my husband and I have hosted in our new home in North Carolina for the last few years.  We have carried on the tradition of doing all the preparations together on Wednesday. This year will be our 4th. I am so beyond fortunate that some of my family makes the trip down to celebrate this holiday with us. 

The first must-have is my family's apple pie. We use the recipe from Better Homes & Gardens, no super secret recipe here! But it comes out amazing every year! One year I accidentally peeled way too many apples. My aunt and I said "What the heck?", and threw them all in. Well, now we put too many apples every year! It is piled so high and just comes out beautiful and delicious. Another little twist is that we put a teeny, tiny bit of almond extract in the apple mixture. Just a touch goes a long way to add a little something extra special. 

My second must-have is my Grandmother's Portuguese stuffing. She passed away and her handwritten stuffing recipe is something I treasure.
Over the years she always made it, then my brother took over the task, and now that I've been hosting I make it. I have my Grandmother's recipe and you really have to follow it to a tee. Over the years we have made some minor mistakes, like too much bread, not enough water, and so on. And trust me when I tell you that you can taste the difference! I think I have perfected my version over the last couple of years and I'm totally looking forward to a huge heap of it on my plate this year! 

What MUST be on your Thanksgiving table? I need to know!


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