Time is a Non Renewable Resource

December 31, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Time is something you can't ever get back. If I spend $100, I can make another $100 working. If I eat at a restaurant, I can go there next month and enjoy a great meal again. When I buy groceries for the week's meals, I am buying them again next week for our meals. When clothes don't fit my body or style any more, I give them away and buy new ones. Once an hour, day, month, year is spent...it's not something you can get back or get more of.

Looking back on 2019, I'm grateful for all the TIME I spent doing things that are important to me. (in no particular order!)

~ Vacations and getaways exploring places with my husband, family, and/or friends

~ Trips back to Massachusetts to visit family and friends

~ Spending time with visitors we enjoy hosting here in North Carolina

~ Quality time with my husband 

~ Working out - Boot camp, walking, 5Ks, golfing, bike riding

~ Socializing with friends new and old. 4 years later, I still enjoy meeting people in our new home

~ Volunteering and giving back to the community

~ Networking and collaborating with fellow creatives

~ Earning money doing things I truly enjoy

~  And I could go on! 

In 2020 I want to spend even more of my time doing all the things I love and less of my time doing the things I don't.

Cheers! Happy New Year!

Wherever you are, be all there  - TS Eliot

Happiness, not in another place, but this place... Not for another hour, but this hour. - Walt Whitman



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