Scusset Beach, Cape Cod

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Scusset Beach is in Sandwich, MA, which is a part of Cape Cod. It was nice to go there, because it was at the beginning of the Cape, so it wasn't too far from home. There was usually no traffic (usually!!). The coastline is beautiful and the water is often clear and calm. It's nice for children to swim in so I would often go with my friends who have kids or kids in my family. My state beach pass was valid at Scusset Beach as well.

My niece Mackenzie had her first beach day ever at Scusset! My mom was babysitting her and we decided to head down for the day. She was less than a year old. She really loved watching the people and we brought her in the water. About a year later, we went with her again and my dad joined us this time. Typically there is plenty of parking, however this time when we arrived the parking lot was full. We did not want to turn around and make the drive back home, especially with a toddler in the car. Nearby we found a nice shady spot overlooking the Cape Cod Canal. We decided to eat our lunch there and then check back later to see if we could get parking. It worked out perfectly. We ate lunch, Mackenzie loved watching the boats go by, and there was a great breeze. After a while we packed our stuff up into the car and headed back to the beach where there was now parking available. Mackenzie had a blast, she must take after her aunt. She loved playing in the sand, people watching, and swimming in the water. We could barely get her out of the water to take breaks.

I've enjoyed days at Scusset with my mom, aunt Alison, and cousin Paige too. We like to sit where it's not too crowded. My aunt always cracks me up when she sets up multiple blankets and towels around our chairs so our space isn't invaded. We talk, go for walks, and go swimming. Scusset is a the perfect beach for swimming.

Scusset is also one of my favorite beaches to photograph. I've taken some really great photos at Scusset Beach and they have now become some of my bestsellers. I love that I am able to share my love of the beach and photography with others. It is a wonderful feeling to know that people decorate their homes with my photos. The first time I ever went there, I brought my camera with me and was so glad I did. Before I even got onto the beach, I saw multiple sights to capture. Outside of the snack bar they have picnic tables and in the center of each one was a beach bucket serving as a flowerpot full of planted summer flowers. To this day this print still remains one of the most popular. I just love the bright colors up against the earthy tones of the beach grass and sand. Another popular print and also a favorite of mine, is of the walkway leading onto the beach. I actually have two different versions of this photograph, the new walkway and the old walkway. I took pictures of the original walkway the first day I visited. It was a hit with everyone and I loved it as well. A couple of years later we arrived for our first visit of the season to find that they had redone the walkway. So of course on my next trip down there, I had to take my camera with me and get photos of the new scene. I also enjoy photographing the water at Scusset beach. The surf is typically very calm, but I have been there on days when there were big waves and the water was rough. I also find that the tide changes the scene dramatically. Because things vary so much it gives me so much opportunity to capture all different kinds of shots of the same place. I can get high tide, low tide, sandbars, rough surf, high waves, different colors, and the overall feel of the surf is just never quite the same each time. You're never sure what to expect, but one thing that remains is that it is always beautiful. The landscaping there is also very pretty. I find a variety of different hues of blues, greens, tans, and browns in the pictures I take there. It can really create some pretty contrast. Scusset will always be my favorite Cape Cod beach. I am hoping I can visit there again soon, of course with my camera in tow.





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