College Seniors

April 02, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Normally I'd be booking and shooting senior photo sessions right now. My heart goes out to college seniors. This blog post should have been sharing my April specials for ECU students. I remember my senior year of college and have nothing but fond, fun memories of the months of April and May. All the parties, outdoor activities with friends, preparing for the "real world", and senior week which consisted of so many exciting activities. Senior week meant a dance, a booze cruise in Boston, seeing our favorite bands at the dive bars for the final times, wrapping up education practicum with my best friends. It was such a bittersweet but memorable time in my life. I'm sorry for those who are unable to have this memorable experience. 

This is not permanent. It will end. We will get back to our everyday lives. When we do, I'll be here. Ready to create memories for you. 

Seniors - it's never  too late to have those photos taken to document this important milestone in your life. Reach out if you'd like to set something up once we are able to be out and about again. 

Stay safe friends. 

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