Helping Teachers 2021

February 01, 2021  •  1 Comment

Back in December I announced that I will be donating $10 of every session and event fee to Donors Choose. Donors Choose is a website that supports teachers' needs and purchases supplies for their classrooms. I will donate to a teacher in Pitt County whenever possible. If not, then I will donate to a teacher in New England, my home.  I absolutely love working as a photographer and nanny here in NC. However, I do reflect fondly on my teaching years and miss it at times. I cannot even imagine what teachers are going through right now and I often wonder how I would be handling it if I were still teaching. While teachers do receive lots of support in different ways on a daily basis, there is a huge lack of support for teachers in our country, both monetarily and professionally. For ages, teachers have been giving their own time and money to their students and classrooms.  Now that teachers have had to shift their teaching methods to support virtual learning, their needs have increased. Although I wish I could give much more, I am hoping that what I can give to them will help. If you are looking for a way to help educators, check out Donors Choose.  I'm looking forward to my 2021 photo sessions and thank everyone for helping me give to a cause I love!

Check me out! Second year of teaching, 4th grade. 


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this is good work that you are doing. today did read your blog and saw the all images. the teacher is a very important part of life because the teacher is one of have that makes our future.
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